Hi y'all, I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name's Lewis and I'll be your pilot for a while.  This blogroll was passed to me by my friend Don, while he tried to launch a string of music-sharing forums.  He passed in Spring 2012 and it's taken me a spell to figure out how to work things and to look for new and interesting blogs. I don't know much about programs and this seems a bit complicated under the skin.  I was a occasional contributor to Don's old blog Try To Be Amused and didn't do anything more than send albums to him.  I was mostly just supposed to keep an eye out here for new mail, but somehow whole thing ended up in my lap.

I use to use this place a bunch to find new music and didn't want it to die off.  Don already scheduled about a year's worth of lists and music, thinking it would run itself until he got back  I put all that on hold so I could see how things were put together and get the tractor cranked up again.  I think I got about 150 new blogs for you folks but it will take a while to reel them out.  First I gotta make sure they're still active and suss out what category to list them as.  Besides that, it took me some time to dig them out and  I won't have anything else for you if I empty both barrels at once.  I plan on keeping to the same once-a-month update of new blogs but the first twenty or so is going to dribble out over the next three weeks.  I already cleaned out all the dead blogs I could find.

Hang on while I steer this thing off the rocks and take it out to deeper water.

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